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About Our Community

Cultivating the love of learning since 2016 in South Aurora

Welcome to Aurora South Classical Conversations! We are a community of Christian homeschool families who meet weekly to:

  • grow in the classical model of education
  • enjoy Christ-centered fellowship
  • encourage and support each other

Join us on the journey of homeschooling! We welcome new and veteran homeschool families. See how being part of our homeschooling community can supercharge your homeschooling. We meet weekly September through April each school year.

Programs Offered

We are delighted to offer programs for grade K4 through high school

Foundations (ages 4-12)
Essentials (ages 9-12)
Challenge (ages 12+)

What is the difference between homeschooling and LOVING homeschooling? COMMUNITY!

Classical Conversations offers programs from age 4 through high school! We meet weekly to laugh, learn, and grow together.

All Families Experience:

  • Weekly fellowship
  • Support and encouragement
  • Mom's nights and family events
  • Unique field trips

In Foundations (age 4+), we enjoy:

  • Seven subjects of (fun!) memory work
  • Art and science projects
  • Music study
  • Presentations
  • Games and good times

Essentials (age 9+) offers:

  • A complete writing program
  • Math skills practice
  • An acclaimed English grammar program


For middle and high schoolers, we offer our Challenge program, a full curriculum of study across six advanced subjects. Courses were developed to cultivate skills in speaking, logical thinking, debate, persuasive writing, conducting science labs and writing lab reports. Students participate in challenging projects together such as Mock Trial, Team Policy Debate, Science Fair, Speech Events, economics projects, and much more!

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Applications for new families are accepted beginning March 1st.

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